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LangenMüller · München, 2009 · 368 pp
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Paul Hengge

A SWITCH IN TIME · How Victor Kaufmann survived Hitler after all

An insane role reversal – an explosive love triangle in dangerous times – a fight to the finish!

Once the closest of friends, Victor and Rudi are now involved in a murderous game of cat and mouse… The original of a Michelangelo drawing is a vital pawn if Victor’s family is to survive, and only Victor knows the whereabouts of the picture.

His adopted brother Rudi – who has kept his secret past as a member of the SS from Victor’s family – is hell-bent on getting hold of it. Realising that he and Victor are in love with the same woman, Rudi devises a treacherous scheme.

What ensues is a race against merciless time, in defiance of all ideals: a fast-paced story full of nerve-racking suspense that shows how fragile friendships can be, while at the same time demonstrating man’s indomitable instinct for survival.

Based on the novel there was made a movie: My Best Enemy. Screenplay: Paul Hengge.

Paul Hengge was born in Vienna in 1929, where he studied stage direction at the legendary Max Reinhardt Seminary and went on to become a leading dramatist and director.

Hengge, who now divides his time between Vienna and Berlin, has been a household name since the 60s as an author of plays, radio dramas and screenplays, for which he has received numerous awards including the prestigious Adolf Grimme Prize for his screenplay or Das Urteil (The Judgment)


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